Lawyer Referral Service

The Alexandria Lawyer Referral Service is located at 520 King Street, Suite 202 Alexandria, VA. We provide referrals for clients who want to schedule a consultation with an attorney at a discounted rate. Our service is comprised of about 100 referral attorneys that practice in the Northern Virginia courts. Some of the attorneys also practice in Washington, DC and Maryland.

About the LRS:

  • Clients are referred to an attorney for an initial 30 minute consultation
  • Referrals can be made in person or by phone
  • The consultation takes place at the attorney’s office
  • There is a $35.00 fee for the initial consultation (which is a reduced rate)
  • We accept VISA, MASTER CARD, personal checks and cash
  • After the 30 minute consultation, the fee for any additional services provided by the attorney is decided between the client and the attorney
  • The attorney is not obligated to take the case, nor is the client obligated to hire the attorney
  • The selection of an attorney is based solely on the type of law that the case is concerning
  • We cannot make special requests for an attorney base on sex, race, age or religion
  • Business hours are Monday — Thursday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and Friday 9:00 — 1:00 pm